Intelligent Accounts Payable Process Automation

Streamline Accounts Payable through Digital processing of incoming invoices. Go-Paperless and Cut Invoice Processing Cost by up to 70%

Automate Accounts Payable

Our solution’s workflow is streamlined as per the best industry practices. The processes are triggered through RPA, combined with AI supported digitisation and matching is guaranteed to generate ROI beyond numbers.


Accounts Payable Industry Facts & Statistics

The average cost to process an invoice is between $4 and $10 in the majority of organizations
As per The Institute of Finance & Management (IOMA) on an average, 3.6% of invoices have errors, probably due to manual data entry
According to Ardent Partners, 47% of AP leaders feel lengthy processing times are their biggest challenge
According to The Accounts Payable Network, 80% of invoices still arrive on paper and 52% of AP departments say their top priority is migrating away from paper-based processes.

AP Automation Software Capabilities

AI Services

Email Parser or Document Repository Parser

Importing of invoices into the system

Invoice Data Extraction

Capture the data from the invoice image / document

Automated 2-way or 3-way Matching

Makes sure all data on the purchase order and invoice aligns

Digital Workflow

Route invoice as per business rules.
Route to approvers for approval / in case of non PO invoices.

Data Dashboard & Analytics

Use Dashboard to keep a track of all approved invoices & Use analytics to turn data into insights to increase efficiency

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate the AP Automation solution into your specific processes / financial system


Reduce manual and paper-based invoice processing
Monitoring Compliance and Increasing Process Control
Improved Accuracy & Increased transparency of data
Quickly and easily capture invoice data
Audit activity throughout the process to maximize productivity
Automate workflow & Expedite Approvals
Prevention of double payment for duplicate invoices
Securely store invoices and related documentation for easy retrieval
Integration with existing systems
Electrical Enterprise Document Management System

SUCCESS STORY : Implementation of Invoice Automation Solution for an Electrical Enterprise

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Smart AP Processing
  • Seamless Integration


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