Artificial Intelligence Consulting and Development Services

Artificial Intelligence Consulting and Development Services

Elevate your business intelligence and agility with AI services, AI-driven solutions and Machine Learning capabilities.

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Artificial intelligence is reshaping business. Our AI services helps enterprises automate operations, drive innovation and gain insights to accelerate decision making. We apply solutions built on machine learning, deep learning and advanced analytics techniques to help our clients optimize their business.

Machine Learning Development Services

Enterprise Workflow Automation

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Process Anomaly Detection

Digital Asset Filtering

Deep Learning Software Engineering

Neural network development and training

Voice and face recognitions

Speech-to-text conversion

Image and video processing

AI Services

Smarter Businesses With AI based Software

With the current revolution of untapping the potential of data, intelligence is just a tap away and more and more data extraction tools are also in the making in terms of sensors, IoT devices, Cloud computing etc. A human being is just a physical matter without his intelligence. This is where we would like to bring the connect in industry 4 technologies where the data is converted to synthetic intelligence and which again becomes a guiding force in automation, insights and a minimum human intervention world.

Currently our services in line with the technologies available in this landscape are at the brim of achieving this goal and we would like to offer you AI services absorbed in the latest offerings in AI technologies landscape as mandated in our offerings.


Predictive Algorithms & Analytics

We help enterprises unlock immense value by forecasting future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as machine learning to build a massive competitive advantage

Chatbots and Smart Assistants

We can help you build, train, deploy, & manage AI rich, chatbot for website and users to engage in all the communication channels for providing differentiated services.

Recommendation Engine

Integrate AI powered Recommendation Engine to your Software Applications that provides real-time content and product recommendation to your audience through machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

We provide NLP Services for organisations to analyze text for Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Intent classification, Text Categorisation`etc. Gain better insights from your unstructured data.

Computer Vision

Optimize your systems with computer vision services to detect anomalies, identify images, recognize faces, understand intent of the user and provide services & suggestions that enhances user experience

Business Intelligence

We assist in the implementation of AI-powered BI tools that enables you to find insights in your data to make better business decisions. We deploy custom BI solutions that helps companies to gain comptetitive advantage, optimize operations and increase sales.

AI Strategy


A strategy is crucial for AI success. To get the most out of AI, it must be aligned with your business objectives. We can help you

  • Assess your readiness to deploy AI solutions by reviewing the business strategy
  • Strategic AI priorities – Create use cases
  • Data Strategy – review data strategy in relation to each AI use case
  • Create a roadmap for AI implementations¬†
  • Change Management

Overlooking an AI strategy is risky. To achieve transformation across the organization and unlock new value, succesful AI implementation requires a strategy with an enterprise-wide perspective.

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Artificial Imagination

This would be the next phase of AI, where computers can achieve the possibility of imagination like human beings do. This is very much possible with the synthetic intelligence available. The technology to be developed is Self-Learning Algorithms. The term is also called synthetic imagination. The application would be in areas of creativity, digital art, vision, human & satire. An idea about Artificial Imagination would be to translate the description of an object into an image. 

The subfields of Artificial Imagination could be Artificial Visual Imagination, Artificial Aural Imagination, Artificial Moral Imagination etc. This can be considered as the version 2 of Artificial Intelligence where the technology is becoming more powerful in terms of its capabilities and able to understand at a much more deeper level. 

The widespread application includes machines to think morally when the capability of AI reaches a particular level where the overpowering of machines against a human requires to be channelized.

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