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“Of $3 trillion being spent in commerce, only about 9% is spent online. Innovative brands are looking to adopt immersive digital methods for offline shopping to increase their revenue, drive consumer engagement and improve brand awareness and loyalty through Augmented Reality”


– Forbes, Mar 2020

Our AR Service Offerings

Marker Based AR

Helps brands to increase their customer engagement and improve sales activities. The application will allow you to scan physical images, and render a 3D model and interact with it using your smartphone device.

Markerless Based AR

The object is overlayed onto your real-world environment, which will be viewable from a desired angle. The virtual object is placed in the geometry created by SLAM, which takes in the camera feed and creates a 3d mesh of the environment.

Location Based AR

Get real time navigation AR experience. The application uses data about a mobile smartphone's location and position and adds virtual elements to the real environment.

Superimposition Based AR

Through object recognition, an augmented image can subsitute the original image, either partially or fully to have a better understanding of the object.

Virtual Try On


Virtual Try-on allows customers to try on any accessories without physically having it. You can choose and virtually configure a jewellery, dress, bag, sunglasses or any other wearable accessory. This allows customers to interact with the product & customise them through which they are able to make confident buying decisions

Try-on solutions delivers the following key benefits

  • Helps retaining existing customers and attracting new ones by providing an innovative & interactive shopping experience.
  • Minimize product returns, especially for online sales
  • Stand out from the competition by moving your business to the digital era.

AR is helping retailers to increase their brand positioning by enhancing the customer engagement. In need of augmented reality services for serving your requirements related to the specific domain? 

Create Immersive Shopping Experiences with our Virtual Store Solutions.

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Create Immersive Shopping Experiences with our Virtual Store Solutions.

AR Solutions

Automotive AR Apps

We help business owners use AR to create a digital showroom that users can interact with through their phone, tablet and that allows them to virtually check out different automobile models.

Retail Icon
Retail AR Apps

From jewellery, clothes and accessories to furniture and cars, our AR retail apps can help to boost your sales. AR allows customers to visually picture big-ticket items into their real world.

Tourism AR Apps

We help enterprises in Toursim to take advantage of AR for guiding tourists during sightseeing, museum, gallery or expo rounds by adding interactive and immersive content. Take tourists through specified locations, showing directions, historical info etc and to get rid of language barriers

Training & Education AR Apps

By incorporating AR we deliver enhanced education and learning by transforming textbooks and classrooms into interactive experiences. Training apps offer interactive simulation of work processes and guide a user through work flow operations.

Augmented Reality Related Services

Reach out to us with a specific use-case or a high-level idea for your AR app. We enable you to offer new and unique ways of experiences to your customers and deliver more value to your audiences

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