Enterprise Blockchain Services & Solutions

With domain expertise and insights of various industries we ensure the adoption of blockchain technology and the streamlining process is simple and convenient.

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Enterprise Blockchain Services & Solutions

Adopting Blockchain technology Dubai stands to unlock 5.5 billion dirham in savings annually in document processing alone — equal to the one Burj Khalifa’s worth of value every year.

Our BlockChain Offerings

No matter where you are in your blockchain implementation journey we offer comprehensive suite of blockchain services to add new values and gain competive advantage.

BlockChain Technology Consultation

We evaluate your existing solutions and feasibility of a blockchain solution to add value to your business. Focusing on digital transformation and bringing more transparency to the platform we design solutions that improves easiness of doing business.

Decentralised Applications (DAPPS)

Streamline processes, enhance security and improve the user experience through decentralised applications. From logic design to proof of concept and development, hire our teams of blockchain engineers, full-stack developers and UX designers to transform your Business to a Decentralized Network.

BlockChain Supply Chain Development

Increase traceability, eliminate impact of counterfeit products, Improve visibility and accurate end-to-end tracking through our supply chain solutions for various industries using blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Development

Our development team can develop and implement smart contracts for both public and private blockchain networks. Accuracy, Transparency, Speed etc are few advantages of implementing Smart contracts in the blockchain platform.

Custom BlockChain Development

Our team comprises experts having rich experience in various domains who are capable of developing logical solutions for most industries. With our software development team having expertise in multiple blockchain platforms, the combination can work wonders with a customized solution suitable for any industry requirement.


The main advantage of tokenization is that it increases volatility to a wide array of assets. Any asset can be tokenized into numbers as per the discretion of the customer. Not only does division of assets also become easier with tokenization, but also helps in protecting sensitive information.

Benefits & Applications of BlockChain


Since all the transactions in blockchain are registered it becomes fraud proof


Being a public ledger all users are verified through Digital Signature​


All Transactions are directly between the concerned parties without middlemen


You only need a smart device and internet for all your trnasactions


The quick speed and result has challenged traditional exchange systems

The Blockchain technology believed to be still at its nascent stages of application is finding new applications everyday and can be leveraged to solve many of the challenges faced by businesses today. Initially considered as a tool for the finance and banking sector the application has grown bounds and leaps and is now being applied in almost all sectors in the world like education, automobile industry, real estate, supply chain and lot more.

From Smart Contracts to Decentralized apps blockchain is transforming businesses to perform better. Need help with blockchain implementation ?

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Managing todays Supply Chain is complex. Based on the product the supply chain can span over multiple stages and locations, have several individuals & entities involved and a multitude of documents & payments transfer spread across several months. 

blockchain supply chain solutions delivers the following key benefits

  • Enhance traceability,
  • Eliminate counterfeit products,
  • Improve visibility & compliance,
  • Reduce paperwork & administrative costs
  • Increasing efficiency, speed and reducing disruptions
  • Improving financing, contracting, and international transactions.
  • Accurate end-to-end tracking

As per the latest statistical reports a blockchain implemented supply chain network has 70% less paperwork and the transactions are 60% faster in comparison with a normal supply chain.

To add greater visibility and efficiency across the supply chain contact us and our blockchain experts are here to help you.

Blockchain for Supply Chain​


Different industries and scenarios demand different solutions. Depending on the industry we design the solution considering various factors like public or private entity, permissible levels, scalability levels, complexity of contract among peers etc.


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Our Approach​

Our approach is to keep things as simple as possible. We learn the problem from you, discuss and design a solution for the problem, implement the solution with the latest possible technology with minimal human intervention. If its not possible for humans to do the work, we let the technology do it.

Analysis & Strategy Assessment

Our management consultants are all ears to our customer’s problems. We believe that a problem well explained is half solved. Our motive is to provide a complete package of solutions for your problem. We have our data analysis experts capable of analysing the data you provide to bring more clarity to your problem, we have our technical team who can decide on the optimal technology platform for the solution and the development and management team to implement and streamline the solution.

POC / Prototyping

Our consultants will prepare the POC based on the collected data. There might be cases where the POC needs to be revised. Various iterations might be required depending on complexity of the problem. After trial run and confirmation from the customer we will have the POC implemented on the technology platform.

Solution Design
Solution Design

Based on the confirmed POC, our consultants discuss with the technical team to finalise on the technology platform and make the solution design together. The solution design involves technical aspects of the solution and this phase is considered to be the bridging phase between the management perspective and technical perspective of the solution.

Build & Implementation

Our development team builds the solution on the technology platform based on the confirmed POC and solution design. The technical team considers various factors like permissible levels, scalability levels, encryption methodology etc while deciding on the platform, programming language and associated tools.

Support & Maintenance
System Management & Support

Once the software solution is implemented it will need streamlining and training for the company resources to experience the effect of solution to full potential. Our team will provide necessary training and ensure that the solution is integrated perfectly well to the existing system. Our technical team will also provide necessary system support as and when required.

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