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Life cycle management of critical business content, starting from its capture to disposition. System to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of documents.

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Digitize and organize content using a Document Management System to simplify business operations by making content easily accessible and searchable

Document Management System (DMS) for Startups, MSMEs and Enterprises​

SHAREPOINT for Enterprise DMS

SharePoint provides the flexibility to build custom DMS with functionalities tailored to the business needs of small, midsize and large enterprises.
Leverage your existing Microsoft 365 licenses to create a Document Management System.

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Path to Digital Transformation

PAPERLESS OFFICE transformation is part of digital transformation and digitizing is the first step to transformation. The process of converting paper files into electronic files is known as digitization.

Steps to completely digitize your workplace:
SCM Documents


Convert all documents from paper to digital


Categorize documents


Digitize business processes using forms, workflow and RPA

Streamline Processes

Review business processes to identify bottlenecks and opportunities


Use analytics to turn data into insights to increase efficiency

Document management system (DMS) is an important tool in the step towards digital transformation. DMS allows you to store, archive and easily retrieve electronic documents. Consulting with an expert can help you understand where document management tools can be applied in your organization.


DMS Digitization
Digitization of paper documents
DMS Template
Reusable templates for easy document creation
DMS Access
Access Control
Permission-based access to documents
DMS Search
Robust Search
Effective document search by titles, metadata, full text
DMS Automation
Automation of complex business workflows
DMS Collaboration
Real-time collaboration on documents
DMS Audit
Audit Trail
Complete audit trail of a document
DMS Versioning
Easy tracking of document versions
DMS Compliance
Regulatory compliance support
DMS Collaboration
Integration with ERP, CRM, e-signature
Electrical Enterprise Document Management System

SUCCESS STORY : Implementation of Document Management System for an Electrical Enterprise

  • Optimized Document Storage
  • Role Based Access
  • Approval Process

Tired of Inefficient Document Management?

Artificial Intelligence in Document Management

AI-powered Document Management Systems are transforming the way in which a business operates store, archive, process, and extract information. AI is expected to give rise to many new possibilities in Document management for increasing workforce’s productivity and efficiency.

Intelligent Document Classification & Processing

Layout & Content Based Document Classification using AI and Machine Learning is being applied to OCR technology that enables a DMS to read the contents of a document and automatically classify and process it without human intervention

Data Extraction & Document Clustering

Employ AI to accurately read information, understand the context and extract data for better decision-making. Also cluster similar documents without ongoing human intervention which eliminates manual effort and lowers the processing costs.

Perform continuous learning for

  • Enhance document security
  • Bringing order to unstructured data
  • Reliable Digitization
AI Strategy

Benefits of Document Management System:

Paperless solution - Reduce the Reliance on Paper
Global accessibility - Anytime, anywhere access
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Easy to collaborate - Improved Collaboration Among Employees
Improve Overall Office Efficiency & Productivity
Automate document workflow & Expedite Approvals
Intelligent content search funtionality
Enhanced Security - Secure mission-critical information
Integration with third-party software


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