Fraud Management for Financial Services

An intelligent approach to Fraud Detection. An AI product for Fraud Detection and Financial Crime using advanced Machine Learning and Data science technology


An end-to-end data science solution that have enough intelligence to help financial services firms transform their fraud management capabilities


Current Scenario

Fraud is evolving and growing rapidly. Fraud detection has been one of the major challenges faced by all banks & financial institutions.

Mostly its Rule based engine where only 15% of transactions get alerted and rules are updated at a very slow pace leading to less coverage of fraud

200 Bn / year - Online Payment Frauds
300 Bn / year - Card Frauds
40 Bn / year - AML Compliance Cost
8 Bn/ year - AML Fines

Transforming Fraud Detection & Prevention in Financial Services

Fraudulent Activity

AI-based fraud detection pinpoints emerging risks with maximum accuracy

Fraudulent Transactions

Detect fraudulent transactions before damage happens using advanced machine learning,

Tracking and Fraud Management

All Transactions are directly between the concerned parties without middlemen

Advanced Fraud Analytics

Analyze fraud techniques and monitor fraud trends over time, and gain valuable insights.

Financial organisations process millions of transactions every day over multiple channels. Fraud detection software must analyze transactions in real time, searching for unusual patterns that may suggest fraudulent behavior & stopping such transactions before fraudulent activities can occur. Identify and prevent fraud with our platform that supports advanced tools such as deep learning and neural network frameworks.


Detection of Fraud early in the Transaction Life Cycle

Fraudulent transaction and threats that can lead to vulnerabilities are identified using ML techniques. The ML engine uses advanced clustering and analysis techniques to identify these fraudulent events in real time. Through early detection and unsupervised learning techniques, the false positives can be reduced.

Identify Patterns from Diverse Data Structures

Data retrieved from various structures which includes NoSQL, RDS, object files etc, can be integrated and analyzed. With ML techniques and cognitive approaches, it learns the patterns in the data and connections between data points, to fit into an existing pattern or perform anomaly detection.

Customer Visibility and Risk Management

Identify threat vector, and provide intelligence visibility and control over a customer's transaction life cycle in real time. This will enhance customer experience, and avoid threat relevant edge cases and thereby manage risks.

Our Solution Benefits

Higher visibility of exposure across channels
False positives reduction
No Rule Configuration
Deep insights on user behavior
Increase operational savings
Improved customer retention

AI on your existing Financial & Banking Systems

Incorporate the latest AI/ML driven technologies that enables you to offer new and unique ways to defend yourself and your customers against fraudsters.

Let’s work towards building a future-ready enterprise 

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