Improving efficiency of Healthcare Industry using Big Data

In many parts of the world where poverty is rampant and the necessary health care infrastructure is brief, data shows that the health index of the population in these parts is way below the world average. Irony of the current situation is that poverty ridden countries which need good medical infrastructure have lesser facilities and vice versa. Not only does the solution remain undiscovered but even the problem is not being analyzed properly. 

The general public is being provided medical health care on an adhoc basis. The lack of an organized treatment plan results in the facility becoming incapacitated and the chances of the needy getting proper service being reduced.

Solution Offered

Big Data can add value to the current system such that the entire population gets access to proper healthcare service. With big data analysis we are able to bring more clarity to the problem with our dashboard displaying the complete outlay of analysis. A problem well explained is half solved. With proper data analysis of the current situation available at our disposal we can check which situation needs more attention and which needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Currently there is enough data on the majority of the health issues faced by people.

With our proposed solution, the relevant data with respect to health conditions of the entire population can be saved into our database. The data can be analyzed and classified as per our requirements on our dashboard and can be accessed by the medical team. With currently available information in our database, by inducing the proper analytics we can cluster the population who is at high risk, medium risk and low. Live data can also be tracked for the class of population classified under high health risk with the latest sensor technologies and monitored accordingly. In accordance to such risks data available, a proper structured healthcare approach can be formulated to each of these classifications such that the high risks ones can be attended immediately and others can be treated according to the urgency the risk classification demands. The the medical facility is also well informed about the population they are dealing with and are able to efficiently run their operations such that service to the population is rendered properly.


  • The resource optimization is improved thereby improving the health index of the population it addresses. 
  • If an emergency situation arises, with the live data available through the sensing technologies immediate attention to the patient can be resorted.
  • Our solution is an easily scalable one, upon successful implementation of our solution in one group of population and streamlining the same, we can implement the solution on more groups which result in an improved health index for the bigger population.

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